Our Services
D.E.I. specailizes in:

Detention doors, (manuel, electric, and pneumatic) swing, sliders, chase doors,  and access panels.

We install hinges, locks, (manuel, electric, and pneumatic) raised and recessed pulls, closers, door position switches, and glass.

Cells - bunks  (single & double) welded in or bolted down
desks, shelves, clothes hooks and mirrors. Dayroom furniture, benches, key cabinets, and pistol lockers.

Hollow metal / heavy tubing curtain walls & wire mesh partitons.

Precast patch work,  touch up painting,  door and frame repair, D.P.S. adjustments, chase work (plumbing) Full welding / modification repair service, and most detention punchlist items.

Daily field reports, along with delivery logs are standard company policy and are available at anytime of the project.

      Detention Equipment Installation

For Security Anchors and Fasteners Visit: